therapist bio

therapist bio

I have alwaykasias believed that everyone has the right to be as healthy, happy and pain-free as possible and to do the things they want to do for as long as they like.

I am a passionate and driven therapist, and have been working for a number of years under a very thorough and multi-faceted approach to care. This has enabled me to be in a position where I can accurately diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, injuries and problems.

I hold degrees in both Physiotherapy and in Human Movement Studies (Exercise Physiology/Sports Science), as well as further qualifications in Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Dry Needling (western acupuncture). 

I have spent the last few years working in a sports physiotherapy clinic and multidisciplinary practice in Brisbane, treating clients from all walks of life: medical referrals, general public, children through to elderly clients, and recreational through to high level sports athletes.

My passion is in integrative health and bridging the gap between the alternative therapy realm and the western medical model realm. I have been working in the field of energetic therapies for the last few years and regularly travel internationally to work at health and healing retreats, as well as holding treatment sessions in clinic, and via Skype for international/remote clients.

My favourite place to be is at the beach and near nature, so I am very excited to work within the Sunshine Coast community!

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