energy therapy

energy therapy

Energy therapy is a complimentary/alternative therapy and is a form of energetic healing work, dealing with the body’s electric and energetic fields.

Energy therapy benefits individuals who have issues with ongoing pain or symptoms which conventional manual therapy or treatment is not alleviating completely; fibromyalgia, fatigue, headaches, migraines, tinnitus and nerve injuries; as well as non-physical issues such as trouble sleeping restfully, stress, anxiety, depression, feeling an inability to relax and stop thinking; issues with trust, confidence, fear, problems with self-worth, or lack of productivity. You may not know exactly what it is you need or what to ask for, and simply have a feeling that something is not right and you can’t quite define the issue or where to seek help from.

All energetic/alternative healing modalities are different even if they go by similar nomenclature, and every individual responds differently to every healing practitioner.

At Aura, energy therapy primarily works with sacred geometry, shifting the energetic gridwork of the individual, and so affects and is able to cause lasting changes across the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic planes.



  • Energy Therapy consultation (1 hour): $90

Private Health Fund rebates are available for energy therapy consultations, depending on your health fund plan.

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