Physiotherapy is a science-based, hands-on manual therapy modality. Common conditions that benefit from physiotherapy include acute injuries such as strains, sprains and sporting injuries; more chronic/complex injuries and issues such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches; feeling out of alignment, or aggravation of old injuries. Another side to physiotherapy is pre-hab, or prevention of injury if you are about to start a new fitness regimen, compete in a sporting event for the first time, or ramp up your training by increasing training frequency –  you may benefit from a musculoskeletal screening to ensure you are physically ready to start and won’t be set back in your efforts by unwanted injuries.

At Aura, physiotherapy treatment takes a holistic approach and comprises a variety of manual therapy techniques including soft tissue work, osteopathy-based alignment work, mobilisations, manipulations, dry-needling (western acupuncture), myofascial releases, craniosacral techniques, visceral manipulation, taping, and exercise prescription, depending on what the specific individual rehabilitation needs are.

  • Initial consultation/new injury (1 hour)physio-little-dudes
  • Physiotherapy Standard/follow-up consultation (30 minutes)

Private Health Fund rebates are available for all physiotherapy consultations at Aura.

Our Principal Therapist Is On Maternity Leave, So We Are Not Accepting New Bookings Until 2024.